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How many products should you offer on your paywall?

We pulled data from over 32M paywall interactions to determine how many products you should show on your paywall

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Jake Mor

Co-founder & CEO


How many products should you offer on your paywall?

This is a question that every app developer faces at some point. There are a lot of factors to consider, and it can be tough to know what the right answer is.

To help you make the best decision for your app, we've pulled conversion rate data for every application, segmented by how many products they show on their paywall. We've filtered for apps that had at least 2 tests containing different number of products, and we've included the 15 largest apps (in terms of paywall views, all with more than 10,000 views).‍

Here are the stats:‍



Paywall Opens


Conversion Rate


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As you can see from the chart, offering more than one product on your paywall can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. In fact, when we segmented the data by how many products were in each paywall, we found that:




2 products

1 product


3 products

2 products


In other words, offering more than one product on your paywall can increase your conversion rate by more than 60%. And in most cases, offering more than two products will result in a higher conversion rate than offering just two.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind. This doesn't take into account how obvious it is that multiple products are available for purchase, some apps hide other payment options behind a "More Pricing" button. Nor does it take into account the price or subscription duration of each product, which can obviously have an impact on conversion rates. It's also worth considering which product is selected by default, as well as whether or not a trial is available on each product. Trial conversion rates and subscription retention rates can vary significantly depending on which product is being offered.‍

So what's the conclusion? If you need the money to fuel adspend or operating costs, stick to one annual product to get money up front. But if your growth in the short term wouldn't be effected by deferring some revenue, you should offer more pricing options than just one. In most cases, this will result in a higher conversion rate.

Just make sure that your LTV for all three products is the same. Otherwise, you could end up sacrificing long-term growth for short-term gains.

Superwall makes testing incredibly easy

  1. Instead of hardcoding values, Superwall lets you reference pricing using templates. This makes running a price test as simple as duplicating your paywall and changing the price (no need to update all your text or localizations)

  2. Superwall’s templates automatically adjust their UI based on how many products you have selected. For example, while selecting 1 product only shows 1 checkout button, selecting 2 or 3 buttons automatically adds a vertical or horizontal product picker which you can customize in the paywall editor.

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That’s all for today, folks! Happy paywalling :)

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Customer Stories

Our customers refer to Superwall as their most impactful monetization tool. In their own words:


Thanks to Superwall, we were able to 2x our iOS app profitability in just six months. It has greatly assisted our growth team in achieving exceptional results by facilitating high-frequency experimentation.

Mojo launch
Bernard Bontemps, Head of Growth

Really excited about the progress we made recently on paywalls with Superwall. We got more than 50% increase in conversion for upsell screens. This is crazy.

Photoroom launch
Matthieu Rouif, CEO

Superwall has completely changed the game for us. We’re able to run experiments 10x faster and unlock the ideal monetization model for our users.

RapChat launch
Seth Miller, CEO

Superwall made testing paywalls so much faster. Instead of releasing a new version of the app each time, we were able to iterate on the winning paywalls much quicker. Thanks to that it increased our revenue per customer by 40%.

Teleprompter launch
Mate Kovacs, Indie Dev

Superwall lets us move 10x faster on our monetization strategy. We can build and launch multiple paywall iterations without the need for client releases or complicated deploys. Our product iteration loop is days, rather than months because of Superwall.

Citizen launch
Jon Rhome, Head of Product

Superwall enables Bickster’s marketing team to design and optimize app paywalls, freeing up engineering to concentrate on innovation. As a result, Superwall helped accelerate our install-to-subscription rates, lower engineering expenses, and cured our team’s frustration with the (once) time-consuming process of iterating on paywalls.

Bickster launch
Chris Bick, CEO

Superwall has revolutionized our monetization strategy. It’s an essential tool that allows rapid paywall testing and optimization, leading to remarkable improvements in our subscription conversions and revenue generation. Can’t recommend Superwall enough for any app-based business.

Coinstats launch
Vahe Baghdasaryan, Sr. Growth

Superwall has played an integral part of improving our subscription business. Compared to other providers, Superwall has proven superior in facilitating high-frequency experimentation allowing us to achieve an ideal monetization model, resulting in a significant increase in revenue.

Hornet launch
Nils Breitmar, Head of Growth

Superwall is the single greatest tool we’ve used to help us increase our revenue. Our material wins from Superwall are greater than any tool we’ve worked with to date!

Pixite launch
Jordan Gaphni, Head of Growth

Shout out to Superwall for helping us dial in our paywall — made a big impact on monetization, increasing revenue by more than 50% 💸

Polycam launch
Chris Heinrich, CEO

Superwall increases revenue. Full stop. Being able to test paywalls on the fly and quickly analyze results has drastically increased our revenue and improved our monetization of users. Highly recommend this tool!

Hashtag Expert launch
Zach Shakked, Founder
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