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Jake Mor
October 10, 2022

Thanks for being a part of the Superwall community! We’re kicking off the month with some exciting announcements, including the first issue of this very SuperNewsletter™. Let’s dive in!

🖼️ Template Gallery

The template gallery is live, and it’s never been easier to create a paywall. From the Dashboard, scroll down to Paywalls > Create New > From Template. From there, you’ll have quick access to some of the best converting paywalls on the App Store. Simply select a template to customize the paywall with your own brand colors, text, fonts & more!

✨ Superwall 3.0

Paywall 3.0 Superwall 3.0 is coming soon! We’re taking advantage of concurrency additions in Swift with async/await, consolidating APIs across SwiftUI and UIKit for added simplicity, adding compatibility support for Combine, and more! Look out for more information to come over the next few weeks.

🧟 Deprecations

Speaking of 3.0, Paywall.present() has been deprecated for some time now in favor of Paywall.track() and Paywall.trigger(). Triggering a paywall provides much more flexibility around deciding what's displayed to users via the rules engine, and accepts parameters that can be referenced by the rules engine for even more dynamic paywall targeting. If you haven't yet moved to Paywall.track() or Paywall.trigger(), you can find documentation details here. Need help with implementation changes? Always feel free to reach out by replying here, or through the Intercom widget on the site!

💸 Free Paywalls

Superwall has built hundreds of paywalls for clients and has a unique vantage point on what's converting today across every category on the App Store. As a token of gratitude for signing up, we create a paywall for every customer using the daily insights we're gathering every single day (we're processing over 2 million events per day!). If you haven't yet had your free paywall created, please reach out

Thanks for reading all the way through – we’re so grateful to have you here. As always, keep the feedback coming and don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reply directly to this email or find us on Twitter @superwall.

Happy paywall'ing!

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Jake Mor
October 10, 2022