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Jake Mor
November 7, 2022

Good to see you again! We’re constantly asking ourselves “How can we make [everything] quicker?” – after all, the quicker you’re able to run a variety of experiments, the quicker you learn which paywalls are performing best for conversion. So, we’ve made some huge improvements to the most-used Superwall editors - the Rules editor and the Style editor. Let’s dive in!

✨ Visual Rules Editor

Rules are one of the most powerful features of paywall campaigns. Do you ever wonder how to create a rule to filter by country, or find that manually typing out a rule like user.number_of_completed_exercise_sets == 12 to be a bit error-prone? We did too – so we very excitedly and intentionally launched the Visual Rules Editor. Now, you can easily choose from a dropdown of properties that include your custom user attributes, device, or event parameters to craft timely paywall-display Conditions. Combine this with (the also visual) Limit dropdown to experiment with various frequencies of execution.

🎨 New Style Editor

The new style editor is live, and this is an exciting one! Never has it been easier to change the look and feel of your paywalls – from layout and sizing to typography and effects – elements can now be quickly and visually modified to reflect your brand identity. To make use of the new style editor, simply tap on an element when editing your paywall and explore the panel of attributes on the right-hand side. Want to try something cool? Select an element and change the background color under the Layer section to any HTML color like aquamarine and see the results!

💬 Localization

One question we often hear: how can I localize my paywall for various languages? If you’re on the Superwall Dashboard, scroll down to Localization and click on Manage Localization. From there, you can download a .strings file containing strings from across all of your paywalls. Once finished localizing, simply upload that file and you're ready to go. Pro-tip: if you haven’t yet localized your app, translating your paywall before the rest of your app could be a strong indicator of which localizations to prioritize.

📽️ Behind the scenes

From new features, optimizations, paywall designs, SDK improvements, Dashboard updates and more, we’re focused on making paywall experimentation a breeze – and we couldn’t do it without your much-appreciated help. With all the feedback coming in, we want to transparently keep you in the loop on what we’re actively working on. We’ll soon be launching an interactive Product Roadmap where you can make requests, offer feedback, and get notified as soon as we start working on items you’re most interested in. More details coming soon!

Thanks for reading all the way through – we’re so grateful to have you here. As always, keep the feedback coming and don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reply directly to this email or find us on Twitter @superwall.

Happy paywall'ing!

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Jake Mor
November 7, 2022