Paywall Teardown: Notability

What works & what doesn't in Notability's paywall

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In this post, we’re going to dig into the paywall of Notability

Notability is a simple yet powerful note-taking app, and is also an Apple Editor’s Choice award winner. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.


The Good

Paid features categorization 

Notability categorizes their paid features into normal features and regularly updated content. It achieves two things:

A note-taking app like Notability usually has a wide range of user demographics. Singling out the regularly updated content is a smart way to appeal to users who mainly care about the app’s aesthetic.

If your app has a high level of complexity with many features, consider categorizing your benefits to make your value propositions resonate better with different demographics and use cases.

ASK YOURSELF: Can I group my paid features in a way that can attract different user personas?

The Under-monetized

Regularly updated content is not easy to spot

As I’ve mentioned above, emphasizing “regularly updated content” on the paywall is a smart move, but it’s not fully optimized by the Notability team. 

It’s not clear that the items are clickable, and you need to scroll down to find out all the content. This is an under-monetized opportunity, especially considering the quality and quantity of Notability’s content.

ASK YOURSELF: Can users see all of my paid features easily?

Hard to compare free vs paid plans

A good paywall should help users to quickly compare the benefits of free and paid plans. In Notability, you have to slide between screens to compare the two, making it harder for users to understand your value prop at a glance.

We recommend using a Table view to make it easier for users to compare subscription plans. In Superwall, we have a ready-made Table component you can implement immediately on your app’s paywall.

ASK YOURSELF: How can I make it easier for users to compare the benefits of different subscription tiers at a glance?

Minimal urgency and unclear discount

Notability’s paywall has minimal urgency. Even though the CTA says “Holiday Sale,” there’s no indication when the sale will end. It’s also unclear which Holiday it is referring to. The badge also says “25% OFF”, but it’s easy to miss as Notability uses a dull color.

Three things that can be applied to improve this:

With Superwall, you can easily A/B test these hypotheses, along with other variables with little to no effort.

ASK YOURSELF: How can I increase the urgency on my paywall?

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