App Store Privacy Labels

Privacy disclosures in regards to how data is processed or otherwise used are required when submitting an app for review on the App Store. When using the Superwall SDK, there are a few options you’ll need to select to comply with this requirement.

At a minimum, you’ll need to select “Purchases”:

When you select “Purchases”, you’ll need to scroll down finish setup. When you do, there are two options you’ll need to select:

  1. Analytics
  2. App Functionality

Identifying Users

How you proceed with the next prompt depends on how you are identifying users. If you are identifying users via their email or any other means, disclose that here. Note that the Superwall SDK does not do this.

Finally, Superwall does not track purchase history of users for advertising purposes — so you can choose “No” here (unless you’re using other SDKs which do this, or you’re performing any purchase history tracking for advertising purposes on your own ):

In terms of the Superwall SDK, that’s all you need to choose. But again, remember that your privacy label could look different depending on how you process data, how other SDKs are used and more.