Create a new Android app

Follow this guide to create a new android app.


Install the SDK

Follow this guide to install the SDK.


Configure the SDK

Follow this guide to configure the SDK


Profit 🤑

You’re all set! 🎉 Reach out to us on Intercom or by email

For any feedback, email [email protected]

Known Issues

  • Limits in rules
  • Config retry reliability (how we automatically retry requests)
  • Presentation Style (right now only full sheet)
  • Price formatting (There is an issue with formatting prices which we’ll fix shortly)
  • Preloading & caching
  • Subscriptions only, working on IAP support
  • Debugger/in app paywall preview

Next Up!

Once we’re done fixing up any initial issues we’ll move on to improving on the version we’ve delivered. Here are a few of thos improvements

  • Upgrade to latest Google Billing library
  • Support Google Upgrade & Downgrade flow