Click Templates from the sidebar to start your paywall design process with one of our templates:

We hand-select the paywalls these templates are based on, and each one is from a high-performing segment on the App Store or Google Play Store. We recommend picking one that matches your design goals the best, and then tweaking them to fit your branding and needs from there.

Each template can be easily changed to support as many products as you need.

Requesting a template

Superwall offers a complimentary white glove paywall design service for all users. Supply Superwall with either an existing paywall in production, a Figma link, Sketch file or anything else for Superwall’s designers to use as a reference.

To get started, simply click Request a Template at the top, and fill out the form:

Turnaround is typically about 3-4 business days, but can also be up to a week depending on demand. Rest assured that Superwall’s designers take the time to get these done right.

Sorting paywall templates

To sort available templates by date (either newest to oldest, or vice-versa) or by recently updated — click the toggle in the top right and make a selection:

Superwall frequently updates existing templates, as well as adding new ones. Check back often!