If you’re only dealing with one paywall, or trying to get started with localizing — read this doc first.

When you make changes to a localized string referenced across more than one paywall, or one is changed via a localization platform provider — you can review those changes by clicking on the Localization button from the sidebar:

You can also use the ⌘+5 keyboard shortcut to open the Localization page from the Overview screen.

When you open the Localization page, you’ll see two primary sections:

  1. Missing Translations: Any keys that are missing a localized value will show up here to address.
  2. Review & Publish: Any localizations that have changed which are used on multiple paywalls (or changed from an external localization provider) show up here. Paywalls using any edited localization key here will continue to use the “old” value it had before it was changed, and you can publish the updates live for the other paywalls after reviewing them.

For example, here the key dominate_the_pitch had its value changed on Paywall A and it’s now live. But, here, Paywall B also references the key dominate_the_pitch, so you can hover over each locale identifier and see its old and new value. From there, you can either ignore those changes or put them live for each paywall.