View the Paywalls section from the sidebar to view all of the paywalls you’ve created for the selected app, along with critical metrics:

Below each paywall, you can also Preview, Duplicate or Archive it.

Archived paywalls can be restored at any point.

Viewing paywalls by date

You can toggle which paywalls are showing by using the date toggle, located above your paywalls towards the top-right:

Choose Custom to select any arbitrary date range to filter by.

The date toggle works when you are viewing your paywalls as a list.

Viewing paywalls by status

To view a paywall by its status, click any of the options above the paywalls:

Here’s what each status means:

Each paywall displayed corresponds to the currently selected app, located at the top-left of the page.

AllDisplays every paywall created, regardless of its status.
ActivePaywalls that are currently being displayed and are live.
InactivePaywalls which are not being displayed. They are not associated with any active campaign, or their rollout percentage is 0.
ArchivedPaywalls that have been archived. These can be restored if needed.
SearchPerform a search across all of the app’s paywalls, regardless of its status.

Viewing paywalls as a table or list

To toggle between viewing your paywalls by either a table or list, click the toggle buttons at the top:

When viewing them as a list, Superwall also displays additional metrics.

Viewing paywall metrics

Choose the list view to see high-level metrics about each paywall:

Each metric displays the data in the time frame that’s selected from the date toggle. Here’s what each metric represents:

StatusThe current status of the paywall (i.e. active, archived, etc).
ProductsAll of the products in use on the paywall.
Time SpentHow much time the paywall has spent being presented.
Inst ChurnRepresents the percentage of users who closed the app while a paywall was presented, and the paywall was not manually closed prior.
Opens/UserThe percentage per user of how many times the paywall was presented.
OpensThe total number of paywall opens.
UsersThe total number of users who’ve interacted with the paywall.
ConversionsThe total number of conversions for the paywall.
Conv RateThe conversion rate of the paywall.
UpdatedThe date when the paywall was last updated.
CreatedThe date when the paywall was initially created or copied.

Click on any of these values at the top of the list to order the data by that metric, either ascending or descending.

Creating a new paywall

To create a new paywall, click + New Paywall at the top-right. For more on creating paywalls, check out this doc.