Adding a paywall exit survey is a great way to boost conversion and get feedback on why users declined your paywall. Once you’ve configured a survey, it can be attached to multiple paywalls. A user will only ever see a specific survey once unless you reset its responses.


Only available for users on v3.3.0+ of the SDK

Configuring a Survey

To configure a survey click Surveys in the dashboard, then click + New Survey:

A survey displays as a UIAlertController on device, whose title, message, and options you can specify remotely:

You can add an unlimited number of options. You can also provide an “Other” response, which allows users to type in their own response.

The survey is shown to the percentage of paywalled users that you specify.

Attaching a Survey to a Paywall

Once you’ve created the survey, open the paywall that you want to add it to and scroll down to After Paywall Survey, select your survey and click Save:

The survey will show to users either when they tap the close button of the paywall or when they swipe to dismiss a modally presented paywall.

Viewing Survey Stats

Click Stats in the top right corner to view the survey responses:

This gives a live view of the responses from the survey. Clicking on View “Other” Responses shows you the custom responses written by users who selected the Other option.

To reset the responses to the survey, click Reset Responses. This will reset percentages to zero and allow users who’ve already seen the survey to respond again.

Using a survey response as a trigger

You can use the event survey_response as a paywall trigger, accessing survey_selected_option_title and survey_custom_response in rules. For example, if you show a survey and users select “Too Expensive” as an option, you might want to show them another paywall with cheaper pricing. In a campaign, you would add the trigger survey_response and a rule if params.survey_selected_option_title == "Too Expensive" { show paywall }.