The products section of the Paywall Editor allows you to change what products are displayed in your paywall. As we’ll discuss soon, your paywall’s text is dynamic and changes automatically to reflect pricing, trial and subscription periods depending on what products are selected.

Right now, Superwall for iOS does not support Promotional Offers, only Introductory Offers

PrimaryThe StoreKit product identifier for your primary product.Required
SecondaryThe StoreKit product identifier for your second product.Optional
TertiaryThe StoreKit product identifier for your third product.Optional

Products are managed on the Settings page.

Getting Product Identifiers

If you use RevenueCat to handle in-app subscriptions, skip to Using Revenuecat

Using App Store Connect

On App Store Connect, head over to Your App ▸ App Store ▸ Subscriptions ▸ Your Subscription Group:

Then, copy your Product ID:


Copy your product id

Using Google Play Console

On Google Play Console, head over to Your App ▸ Monetize ▸ Products ▸ Subscriptions:

Google Play Products

Using RevenueCat

For those who use RevenueCat, Superwall automatically pulls in your product identifiers from any product attached to an offering.

On RevenueCat make sure your products are associated with an offering (it doesn’t need to be the current offering):

Then, add your RevenueCat Public API Key inside of settings by clicking the cog wheel icon in the navigation bar from any page and selecting Settings. Paste your API key then click Update Application:

Adding Products

Head to the Products tab from the Settings and click + Add Product:

For each of your products, fill out your product information here and hit Save. If you used RevenueCat in the previous step, your product identifiers are automatically pulled from RevenueCat for you to select. Otherwise you’ll need to paste them in here:

Note that the pricing information you enter here is only used in the Paywall Editor. On device, that information is pulled directly from the App Store and localized.


StoreKit Configuration File Testing

If you’re using a StoreKit Configuration file, pricing information will come from there during local testing. Therefore, it’s important to keep your StoreKit Configuration file, Superwall, and the App Store products all in sync. Follow our Setting up StoreKit testing guide for more information.

These products are now ready to be used within paywalls.

Back in the Paywall Editor, you can select these products:


Having an issue on device with products not appearing? Run through this checklist to make sure everything is configured correctly.