Option 1: React-Native package

To use Superwall in your React Native project, add @superwall/react-native-superwall as a dependency in your package.json file by using npm or yarn:

npm install @superwall/react-native-superwall

Option 2: Using Expo

If you have an Expo project, you can add the dependency with npx:

npx expo install @superwall/react-native-superwall

iOS Deployment Target

Superwall requires iOS 14.0 or higher. Ensure your React Native project’s iOS deployment target is 14.0 or higher by updating ios/Podfile.

platform :ios, '14.0'

Android Configuration

For Android projects, you’ll also need to include Superwall’s Maven repository.

First, install the expo-build-properties config plugin if your Expo project hasn’t yet:

npx expo install expo-build-properties

Then, add the following to your app.json or app.config.js file:

  "expo": {
    "plugins": [
          "android": {
            "minSdkVersion": 26
And you’re done! Now you’re ready to configure the SDK 👇